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Valves and consonants




Affixes: prefixes and suffixes
prefixes are more or less contained. Suffixes are subject to a number of conventions. Changing the Y to Y before Val suffixes, adding suffixes after silent E, and doubling consonants with Val suffixes.

Inflection and spelling

A word spelling may change to show its grammatical use in a sentence

Using -S or -ES the form April shows uses of reflection; in the personal pronouns I, me, my, mine we see inflection as the word changes.

Contractions formed when two words are added together and joined by an apostrophe

The three letter rule stating that words with fewer than three letters are usually function words like I before E, except after C. This means that I will usually show up before c.


Spelling conventions form long words

Loan translations

American English versus British English spelling


Slippery vials found in the difference between mono thongs which are standard Val sounds, diphthongs to Val sounds the glide together in a single syllable, and tripped thongs that are three vowel sounds the glide together in a single syllable.

Other tricky sounds include tricky consonant sounds and these are found in the case sound, the Z sound, and the G's found in the Z sound of beige.